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Botox® and Injectable Filling Clinics at Dukinfield Salon
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Body Contour is proud to offer clinics on Tuesday's and Fridays at our Dukinfield Salon. All our nurses have several years experience with cosmetic surgery and specialise in all aspects of facial aesthetics. Call 0161 339 9100 for more info and booking please.

A FREE CONSULTATION is available to discuss the various treatment options...

BOTOX® is a revolutionary approach to treating crows feet, worry lines and laugh lines. These can all be a thing of the past. BOTOX® Cosmetic Treatment are a non-surgical painless procedure which offers the following cosmetic benefits:
Improves dynamic lines and wrinkles due to facial expressions
Diminishes creases around the eye area including crow's feet
Improves worry lines between the eyebrows
Reduces lines of the lower face and neck
Improves frown lines of the forehead
Lifts eyebrows

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